Rocsys secures funding of 33 million dollar to expand autonomous charging solutions

Rocsys, a Dutch based provider of autonomous charging solutions for electric transportation, has successfully closed a 33 million dollar Series A funding round. The round was led by SEB Greentech Venture Capital, with participation from Graduate Entrepreneur, the European Investment Bank, and returning investor Forward.One.

With this new investment, Rocsys aims to further enhance its platform and expand its presence in the United States and Europe. The funding, which consists of equal parts debt and equity financing, will enable the company to scale up its operations rapidly.

Rocsys utilizes a combination of soft robotics, AI-based computer vision, and data-driven services to transform existing chargers into autonomous systems. These systems can securely and seamlessly plug in and out without manual intervention. By automating the charging process, Rocsys eliminates the risk of operator errors, ensures regulatory compliance, and minimizes damage and human exposure to high-voltage equipment.

One of the key advantages of Rocsys’ solution is its versatility. It is suitable for both consumer and fleet vehicles, including heavy-duty industrial applications and port equipment. The company’s technology ensures that all vehicles are charged and ready to operate, even if drivers forget to plug in or employees are prohibited from handling electrical cables.

Rocsys estimates that its technology can drive up to a 20 percent increase in throughput for fast-charging stations. Additionally, the company projects a reduction of 400 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2035 with the adoption of its sustainable charging infrastructure.

Crijn Bouman, co-founder and CEO of Rocsys, emphasizes the need to eliminate friction in the EV charging process. He affirms that Rocsys’ technology-agnostic solution can transform any charger into a fully automated experience, maximizing the return on investment and sustainability impact of existing charging infrastructure.

The innovative nature of Rocsys’ approach have attracted attention from major logistics providers, manufacturers, and international corporations. The company has formed customer and industry partnerships with companies such as Hyster, Taylor Machine Works, and SSA Marine. Rocsys is also a member of ROCIN-ECO, a charging consortium that includes Audi, Porsche, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz. This consortium aims to develop an interoperable and standardized robotic fast-charging infrastructure along high-volume European transportation routes.

Author: Peter van Noppen


Rocsys secures funding of 33 million dollar to expand autonomous charging solutions - ChargeInfra