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Research shows EV batteries will outlast their vehicles

Good news for fleets and leasing companiesThe vast majority of electric vehicle batteries will outlast the usable life of their vehicles, according to a new study that quashes fears that battery degradation will be an issue either for fleets or second...Read more
|Comment|author: Peter van Noppen

SVOLT will not build battery factory in Germany

BatteriesChinese battery manufacturer SVOLT will not set up a manufacturing site in the German state of Brandenburg. The company says it has reassessed its location strategy and cannot resist taking a jab at German politicians,...Read more
|Comment|author: Peter van Noppen

Renault starts EV battery recycling revolution in Europe

Making Europe less dependent from ChinaRenault is pioneering a groundbreaking initiative to develop a closed-loop recycling process for EV batteries in Europe, positioning itself as a trailblazer in the industry and aiming to significantly diminish Europe’s reliance on imported battery...Read more
|Comment|author: Peter van Noppen